Best Gym Equipment to start your Home Gym

The number of persons sweating out hard in the gyms is increasing year by year. But in our busy life style, it can be at times impossible to regularly go to gym, that too at specific timings.

Therefore, it is better to start home gym as one can save lot of time with this. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars as with basic equipment, you can get impressive results if you workout hard. If you are planning to start home gym, try to include the following equipment.

1. Kettlebell: This is helpful for cardio workouts as well as high intense power training. Kettlebells are available in different sizes and the best thing about them is that their CoG shifts based on the exercise you are doing.

Along with increasing gripping strength, workouts like conventional swing, farmer’s walk, dead clean, etc will give extra strength and endurance to lower back and shoulders. Those who are suffering from lower back and shoulder injuries should try this equipment under expert’s supervision.

2. Foam Roller: Simple exercises done with Foam rollers relax muscles and improve flexibility in movement. Just like the kettlebell, this won’t occupy much space and improves your movement patterns.

As the body muscles will get compressed while foam rolling, it helps in better blood flow and promotes growth of better tissue. It is a good practice to foam roll-before and after intense workout so that your muscles can recover faster.

3. Adjustable Bench: You can try several workouts on this and as the name itself suggests, the bench can be adjusted to suit your requirements. To burn fat and to get ripped body look, you must try abdominal exercises on this adjustable bench.

If space is a constraint, you can opt for exercise ball even though it is not a genuine replacement option. Most of the adjustable benches come up with padded seats, so you won’t get hurt while doing hard workouts.

4. Dumbbell: Home gym without dumbbells is really dumb. Beginners as well as professional body builders use them in their daily workout routine.

Dumbbell bench press burns the extra fat in pectoral muscles and improves your triceps muscle power. Shoulder press and biceps curl give extra strength to your shoulders and biceps. If you want strong triceps, don’t forget to try lateral rise.

5. Resistance Bands: Also known as exercise bands, you can literally use them anywhere. Overhead press or forward rise, seated as well as standing abduction are some of the popular exercises everybody knows.

You can try close to 40 different exercises and these bands are more than enough to burn all the unwanted fat present in your body. Seriously, you can plan full body workout with these bands.

6. Bar And Bumper Plates Set: If you want durable equipment, it is better to go for Olympic bars rather than standard bars. These bars won’t bend over time even if you do workouts with heavy weights.

It is better to go with rubber bumper plates set as they won’t damage your floor even if you drop them accidentally. Shoulder exercise as well as squats and thigh exercises can be practiced with this equipment.

7. Cardio Machine: Cardiovascular exercises will help in burning calories fast but these machines are a bit expensive. Rrowing, treadmill machine and elliptical are the basic machines which can be found in almost every gym.

Of all the three, treadmill offers more versatility and flexibility and by increasing the inclination in this machine, calories burn faster. Go for cardio machines only if your budget permits.

fw-28a_power_rack_without_rubber_base:squat-cage8. Squat Cage: This is yet another must have equipment in your home gym and it is more versatile than power rack. Power racks occupy more space and almost all the exercises that can be done with them can also be done with this equipment and most importantly.

This will help in changing the overall look and simplify your squat routine. Back squats, power clean, negative pull ups, push press, skull crushers, floor press, are some of the workouts that one can try with this.

It is better to opt for home gym as most of the above-mentioned equipment won’t burn your pockets. With all these equipment at home, you are literally forced to spend some time at your home gym which indirectly helps you in staying fit and healthy.

Durability of all these equipment is very high and one doesn’t need to buy them frequently. From economic point of view also, maintaining a home gym is a better option in the long run.

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